[Marxism] Charlie Hebdo’s refugee cartoon

Ken Hiebert knhiebert at shaw.ca
Sat Jan 16 12:43:52 MST 2016

During the election campaign in Canada's recent federal election (October) I was watching news coverage of a Conservative rally.  One individual from the floor of the meeting said, "Do you know how many children drown in swimming pools every year?"  it took me a moment to catch on to what he was saying.  He was referring to the drowning death of Aylan Kurdi and the wave of sympathy that the news of that death provoked.  Apparently he was trying to undercut that sympathy.  It struck me as a rather stupid thing to say.

So this week when I heard a fragment on a CBC program referring to the suggestion that Kurdi might have grown up to be an "ass groper," I assumed that this had come from a similar right wing source.  It did not occur to me that this might have been from Charlie Hebdo.  Maybe I am living in the past, still seeing Charlie Hebdo as coming out of the radicalization of '68.

Why does Charlie Hebdo do such stupid things?  I don't believe the editors are stupid and I don't think they have some great character flaw.  I think they do not understand the national question.  And I think they have an entirely mistaken conception of how we can challenge the hold of religious belief.

					ken h

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