[Marxism] Charlie Hebdo’s refugee cartoon

Saman Sepehri p70volkl at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 16 15:00:35 MST 2016

 Ken Wrote:

"Maybe I am living in the past, still seeing Charlie Hebdo as coming out of the radicalization of '68."

So did Christopher Hitchens. But he became an apologist for Imperialism and Bush's invasion of Iraq- A pro-imperialist hack.
These are not stupid things.  They have become (and have been for a while) racist Islamophobic apologists for France's supposed superior Republican ideas under the guise of being against "religion".
Better question is why does anyone on the left keep apologizing for them?
Just my opinion.

Why does Charlie Hebdo do such stupid things?  I don't believe the editors are stupid and I don't think they have some great character flaw.  I think they do not understand the national question.  And I think they have an entirely mistaken conception of how we can challenge the hold of religious belief.

                    ken h
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