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This year publicists sent out three film screeners about the lives of 
LGBT people for consideration by NYFCO in our December 2015 awards 
meeting. One was “Tangerine”, a film that was distinguished technically 
for having been made with IPhones but I could not even watch to 
conclusion since it was undistinguished in every other way. It starred 
transgender actress Kitani Kiki Rodriguez as a transgender prostitute 
who is trying to track down her pimp in Los Angeles and take revenge for 
him cheating on her. I found it amateurish, cartoonish and exploitative 
despite the 96 percent Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Moving right 
along, there’s “The Danish Girl”, a biopic based on transgender artist 
Lili Elbe who was the first man to ever undergo sexual reassignment 
surgery. It was a high-minded affair that smacked of Merchant-Ivory and 
hardly worth the 71 percent fresh rating it received on Rotten Tomatoes.

And then there is “Carol”, a film for the ages based on a Patricia 
Highsmith novel about the love affair of two lesbians. A number of her 
novels have been made into films, including the Hitchcock masterpiece 
“Strangers on a Train”. “Carol” was based on her 1952 novel titled “The 
Price of Salt” that appeared under the pseudonym Claire Morgan. Unlike 
many films and novels about homosexuals or lesbians such as “Brokeback 
Mountain”, Highsmith defied convention and gave her tale a happy ending. 
Perhaps this was related to the fact that she was a lesbian herself but 
just as easily could have been a function of her affection for outlaws 
in her novels, most especially Tom Ripley, the shifty and resourceful 
working class criminal of a number of her novels who aspires to join the 
bourgeoisie and succeeds on its own terms.

full: http://louisproyect.org/2016/01/17/carol/

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