[Marxism] A view on SYRIZA, written a year ago

ioannis aposperites aposperites at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 13:44:29 MST 2016

"The 2015 Greek election has thrilled the world. An entire nation stands 
up today, for once, and shakes its fist at the imperial monster saying: 
“our lives are more important than your profit.” It’s a good feeling. 
And it feels good to feel good for a change.

But we cannot allow ourselves to simply feel good. We also have to 
prepare for what is coming next: the attempt which the imperial monster 
will initiate to punish the people of Greece for their effrontery. This 
is a powerful beast, with many sharp talons in its claws, many weapons 
at its disposal—economic, political, and (if all else fails) military 
weapons. The imperialist rulers are experienced in using all of these 
weapons, and they use them with the arrogance of a social force that 
expects to win, because they are used to winning."

Full: http://oldandnewproject.net/Essays/GreeceW&FG.html


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