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Mon Jan 25 14:26:18 MST 2016

In 1934 Upton Sinclair ran for governor of California as a Democrat, 
just like Sanders is doing today except that Sinclair was the party’s 
nominee after having won 3 times as many votes in the primary than his 
opponents. In 1992 Greg Mitchell wrote about his EPIC campaign, the 
acronym for End Poverty in California, in a book titled “The Campaign of 
the Century”. So unlike other bourgeois electoral campaigns was this one 
that I always assumed that it was a 3rd party bid. It is useful to use 
it as a benchmark for Sanders’s campaign this year. From Mitchell’s book:

It was 10:45 P.M. in Washington and New York, 9:45 in the Midwest, and 
7:45 in California when Upton Sinclair, who was already packing his bags 
for the trip east, delivered his first nationwide radio address, 
originating from KHJ in Los Angeles. Until the past few days, the 
Sinclair campaign had received little notice nationally. Sinclair 
himself was a famous author, but what was he known for? Exposing the 
meat-packers, defending Sacco and Vanzetti, producing an Eisenstein 
film. What did that have to do with running for office and leading a 
social movement called EPIC? The author of The Jungle was portrayed by 
many in the press as a dangerous, demagogic champion of the underdog. 
Was he another Huey Long or Father Coughlin? And if he was, was that 
good or bad? With the New Deal faltering, anyone promising to end 
poverty, even in one notoriously eccentric state out West, deserved a 
listen, and so millions of Americans—bankers, breadliners, and Brain 
Trusters alike gathered around their radio sets to find out whether 
Upton Sinclair embodied their fondest hopes or their deepest fears, or 
perhaps a little of both.

full: http://louisproyect.org/2016/01/25/upton-sinclair-speaks/

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