[Marxism] Fwd: The distorted radicalism of Bernie Sanders | The National

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Jan 26 06:49:27 MST 2016

The problematic and least radical aspect of the senator's foreign policy 
is his unwavering support for Israel. When it comes to the 
Israel-Palestine conflict, Mr Sanders’s economic radicalism falls by the 

He has endorsed continuing military aid to Israel along with economic 
aid to the Palestinians, which has proven to be an effective tool for 
both Israel and the United States to exercise undue influence over 
Palestinian decision-making, as evidenced by the withholding of aid 
after the PLO pursued statehood recognition at the United Nations. 
Additionally, the senator has seldom condemned the Israeli occupation of 
Palestinian land and said nothing of Israel’s aggression in Gaza over 
the last decade.

Some have argued that Mr Sanders’s support for Israel is because he is 
Jewish. Yet, he has barely spoken about a faith-based connection to 
Israel. He has only cited his religion as an inspiration for progressive 
activism, especially regarding the struggle for civil rights equality.

Instead of taking a progressive stance, Mr Sanders relies on the 
security-based narrative that Israel has spun over the international 
community for decades. Where is the passion and critical thinking that 
has captured the imagination of millions of Americans and has 
demonstrated that fresh conversations are possible?


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