[Marxism] US and Jordan demand Southern Front rebels stop fighting Assad, cut off “support”

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Tue Jan 26 08:15:43 MST 2016

US and Jordan demand Southern Front rebels stop fighting Assad, cut off 

By Michael Karadjis


According to two articles attached below this post, a number of changes 
have been taking place in southern Syria, where the Southern Front (SF) 
of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) holds sway over much of Daraa and Quneitra 
provinces, and shares a border with Jordan, through which the US, Saudi 
Arabia and Jordan itself attempt to exercise sway over the situation.

The first article 
claims that the Military Operations Room (MOC) in Amman, Jordan, through 
which these countries have contact with the SF, has ordered the SF to 
stop fighting the regime, and even to avoid the more patchy conflicts 
with ISIS (merely because ISIS has so little presence in the south), and 
instead to make war against Jabhat al-Nusra. The second article 
describes how the Kingdom of Jordan, where the MOC is based, is 
coordinating with both the US and Russia, and has essentially acquiesced 
with the Assad regime’s current Russian-backed offensive to re-take the 
south; and that the US has cut off its already miserable “support” to 
the SF, a claim in accord with many other sources of late.

Who is the Southern Front

As is widely known by those seriously following Syria, the Southern 
Front (SF) of the FSA is perhaps the most clearly secular/anti-sectarian 
part of the anti-Assad resistance in the country. Its founding 
statement, in February 2014, declared:

“We are the farmers, the teachers, and the workers that you see every 
day. Many of us were among the soldiers who defected from a corrupt 
regime that had turned its weapons around to fight its own countrymen. 
We represent many classes but our goal is one: to topple the Assad 
regime and give Syria a chance at a better future. There is no room for 
sectarianism and extremism in our society, and they will find no room in 
Syria’s future. The Syrian people deserve the freedom to express their 
opinions and to work toward a better future. We are striving to create 
in Syria a government that represents the people and works for their 
interest. We are the Southern Front” 

Moreover, while its similarly secular/non-sectarian FSA allies 
throughout northern Syria are far more significant than western media, 
and its leftist echo, make them out to be (an excellent summary of FSA 
strength in Syria can be seen here: 
they nevertheless have to share their space with a variety of softer or 
harder line Islamist factions, whereas in the south the SF is more or 
less absolutely dominant within most opposition-controlled regions. 
Consisting of some 54 FSA brigades, it reportedly contains some 35,000 
troops in battle against the Assad regime 

“Support” full of strings and red lines


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