[Marxism] Fwd: How Two-Party Political Systems Bolster Capitalism

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Jan 27 06:10:08 MST 2016

For the reproduction of capitalism, the two-major-party structure 
dominating politics has proven very effective in most nations for some 
time now. While party names vary, their common relationship to 
reproducing capitalism does not. Examples include the Republicans and 
Democrats in the United States, Conservatives and Labour in the United 
Kingdom, Christian Democrats and Socialists in Germany, and so on. All 
those parties implicitly endorse and support the reproduction of 
capitalism, and most do so explicitly as well. The first in each pair 
differs from the second only on which variant of capitalism they prefer.

Usually, one party tilts toward a more inclusive and less unequal 
variant. It advocates government intervention to secure that variant. 
The other party tilts more toward markets and existing distributions of 
private property functioning with strictly limited government economic 
interventions. The winning party adjusts government economic 
interventions accordingly to alter the social mix of private and state 
enterprises, redistribute income and wealth toward more or less economic 
and social inequality, and so on. No matter which party prevails, 
factories, offices and stores - whether private or state enterprises, 
whether more or less taxed and regulated - continue to display the same 
basic employer-employee organization.

The avoidance of any explicit discussion, debate or focus on alternative 
enterprise organizations serves to hide how both parties support the 
capitalist mode of enterprise organization. In the laws they pass; the 
administrative rules they enforce; the cultural meanings they constantly 
presume, endorse and reinforce for mass media, schools etc., both 
parties cement the social dominance of the employer-employee 
relationship that structures capitalist enterprises. They function as if 
that relationship were the best humanly possible, agreed universally to 
be such and thus beyond debate


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