[Marxism] Socialist Alliance (Australia)'s new programmatic document

Nick Fredman nick.j.fredman at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 16:40:37 MST 2016

Socialist Alliance's 'Towards a Socialist Australia' has morphed into a
programmatic document after extensive discussion. It strikes a pretty good
balance I reckon for a small revolutionary socialist organisation in a
country like Australia between a coherent and comprehensive guide to work,
and laying down chapter and verse on theory and history. All the discussion
that led up to is is publicly available at

*"*The fundamental aim of the Socialist Alliance is to contribute to the
construction of a mass socialist party that can educate, organise and
mobilise the Australian working class and other oppressed groups to replace
the power of the capitalists with popular power.

"To advance this aim we need to build a socialist organisation now and
deepen its connection to and authority among working people.

"We are open to uniting with all those prepared to join us in this aim, and
to be part of any political formation than can advance towards this aim.

"We recognise that any form socialist organisation takes today is just one
step in a much bigger and still unfolding process of building a party
capable of leading such a struggle.

"A party capable of leading real revolutionary struggle will have to unite
the real socialist leadership that develops in the course of the class

Full http://www.socialist-alliance.org/towards-socialist-australia

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