[Marxism] The Oregon Militia Spokesman Has Been Killed and Its Leaders Detained After FBI Confrontation

ioannis aposperites aposperites at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 10:22:51 MST 2016

> Ken Hiebert replies:
> Since any attempt to shut down an armed occupation runs the risk of loss of life,

do we think the various police agencies should have allowed the 
occupation to continue unimpeded?

Do we think the police killed this person when there was no reason to do so?

The police risked at least one life for the sake of the enforcement of 
the bourgeois law. Their standpoint is: law and order enforcement 
whatever it takes!
Do we think that a leftist should approve this, just because that 
specific bourgeois law in that specific case protects the environment in 
an area of no particular interest for the big business while capitalism 
is ruining the Global environment, or just because the guy killed was a 
fascist pig after all?


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