[Marxism] The Oregon Militia Spokesman Has Been Killed and Its Leaders Detained After FBI Confrontation

ioannis aposperites aposperites at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 08:00:21 MST 2016

  Ken Hiebert:" Having advocated such a law, can I advocate that it
 > be enforced?  Should I make an exception where there might be armed
 > resistance to enforcement?"

1. There is no doubt that the environmental issues must be always 
observed and those occupiers should somehow leave.

2. That said, it is one thing to stop the occupation and another to 
enforce that specific law, even if its enforcement implies stopping the 
occupation. The difference lays into who makes the occupiers go. Is it a 
group of environmentally concerned citizens, a left wing collectivity 
perhaps, or is it the repressive apparatus of the state?
For, the repressive apparatus of the state does NOT care about the 
environment. It's all about law-and-order. And since the bourgeois laws 
are not generally against right wing extremists but against the working 
class, calling on the law enforcement you exchange the implicit 
concession to the future repression of the working class movement which 
is (more than anyone) likely to break the "law", with an easy 
non-victory: you haven't even defeat those fascists for what they 
represent, but merely for breaking the law. And according to Jeff 
DeBonis' article, posted by our moderator, the defeat of those fascists 
seems to me (although i am jugging from afar and the absent is always 
wrong) a very urgent issue....

3. If the occupiers were to be unemployed homeless workers who had 
settled in that restricted (i suppose) area and were refusing to leave 
we would be in the same situation: A group of people challenges an 
environmental issue. Obviously they should too leave the protected area. 
But then what? Call the federal agents to evict them at any price even 
shoot them down if armed?

4. And what if a nice oil company were to find it profitable to build 
inside that very area, a nice oil well. Who would call the federal 
agents, would find himself accused of industrial sabotage or something 
like this. In any case the oil company would be beyond the range of the FBI.

5. In my view, an environment protecting law is something working class 
can and must fight for. But by imposing a law the relating issue is just 
opened; not concluded. For, the enforcement of a class blind law in a 
class society is always a contradictory process. An environment 
protecting law is nothing more than a better start point for the 
oppressed to fight for their class interests.


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