[Marxism] The War for the West Rages On

Michael Yates mikedjyates at msn.com
Sat Jan 30 10:35:10 MST 2016

I have spent a great deal of time in Utah over the past ten years or so. And in may other Western states as well. There is a great deal of federal (public) land in the West, especially in Utah. The Bundys and others of their ilk, many of them Mormons, have no real concept of land belonging to all of the people. And it seems that some here can't conceive of this either. We should all take the view that this is, as Woody Guthrie sang, our land. It must be protected by all of us, and we must demand that wildlife be protected on such land and that it must not be logged, mined, and ranched, creating a situation where those who lease such land and who pay very little for this privilege come to believe that this land is theirs. The Mormons who run Utah lock, stock, and barrel, lust to control federal lands in the state. And I can guarantee you that if they did gain control over it, they would soon enough sell or lease it to private corporations who would mine, frack, and ranch it to its death. Already the once clean air in southern Utah, home to five splendid and amazing national parks and several national monuments, is almost always hazy and polluted. If the state gets the land, the air, water, and soil quality will diminish beyond recognition and good luck to the animals, other than cattle. Edward Abbey, who has been mocked by certain "left liberals" who neither know nor care about these matters but who waste their days bashing Hillary Clinton and praising Bernie Sanders (neither of whom give a shit about the environment either) was always willing to stand up to the cattle interests and the state and federal policies that have subsidized them for so long. We should emulate Abbey and stand up to all of the crackpots and capitalists whose very essence wreaks havoc on Mother Nature and demand that these lands belong to all of us and must be preserved, expanded, and cared for for all time. The Bundys and all like them belong in prison. The sooner the better. 		 	   		  

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