[Marxism] The Oregon Militia Spokesman Has Been Killed and Its Leaders Detained After FBI Confrontation

ioannis aposperites aposperites at gmail.com
Sun Jan 31 03:39:29 MST 2016

I find the proposed examples irrelevant and misguiding on the Oregon 
case, but let's alter a little the course of the events:

"In the pre-dawn hours of Easter eve, Saturday, April 22, pursuant to an
order issued by a federal magistrate, eight agents of the Border Patrol
BORTAC unit .... entered the house.
But unfortunately while they were doing so, one of the agents saw a 
relative/kidnapper of Elián Gonzalez reaching his belt...
According to the agents this was the sole cause for the following 
bloodbath where Elián Gonzalez lost his life too."
Prominent leftists who yesterday were urging the Border Patrol
BORTAC to take action, could not be conducted by phone to comment the 
Shouldn't the left had proposed another course of action to return Elián
to his father?


I think that all the views on the matter of Oregon are already clear 
enough and apparently incompatible. So, by this, i am done with Oregon.

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