[Marxism] The re-emergence of social cleansing in El Salvador

Allen Ruff allen.m.ruff at gmail.com
Sun Jan 31 08:36:51 MST 2016

“...Since 2014, Salvadoran human rights activists have been denouncing that death squads with possible connections with the police have been waging a campaign of “social cleansing” against gangs and suspected gangs members. These allegations suggest that the security forces may be reviving an ill-conceived practice from the country’s past for dealing with political turmoil. 

This Central American nation has a long and bitter history related to death squad practices. During El Salvador twelve-year internal armed conflict (1980-1992), the country developed a notorious reputation for extra-judicial killings, torture, disappearances, and paramilitary death squads that killed tens of thousands of people.

Following the war, a new generation of death squads emerged targeting gangs, politicians, human rights defenders and judicial officials. The most famous of these death squads was the Sombra Negra, or Black Shadow, which was active in the early to mid-1990s but that has resurfaced periodically over the last decade. The Salvadoran media reported in 2014 on Sombra Negra graffiti appearing in several communities as well as on the opening of a Sombra Negraanti-gang web page….”


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