[Marxism] Could US Trade Threaten Sustainable Agriculture in Cuba?

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 10:57:35 MDT 2016

Kamran Nayeri's comment on the article:

"The article, like many by supporters of the Cuban revolution, tends to
both idealize the conditions in Cuba and at the same time, make Cuba look
vulernable to U.S. capitalist invasion. The reality is, in my view, the
exact opposite. Cuba is similar to other ccountries in the range of views
held by various palyers. And Cuba is much more resilient than "supporters
of the Cuban revolution" give it credit.

"Take for example, this article--The Paradox of Cuban Agriculture
Miguel Altieri and Fernando Funes. Altieri is a leading proponents of
agroecology at UC Berkeley (He is Chilean who left for the U.S. after the
coup in the 1970s) and Funes is a leading younger generation agroecologist
who has established one of the more successful farms outside of Havana.

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