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Wed Jun 1 14:27:03 MDT 2016

Back in 1974, when I was living in Montrose, a Houston neighborhood that 
was a vaguely bohemian mixture of gay bars and strip joints and that was 
also home to the SWP headquarters, a comrade named Gene Lantz invited me 
to go see the famous gorilla named Hugo who lived in a Montrose house. 
Gene was one of the few local Texans we had recruited that sided with 
the pro-Barnes majority I was sent down to reinforce. Most of the rest 
were aligned with the minority that backed the Ernest Mandel faction 
based in Europe and Latin America.

Since I was fascinated by the great apes at the time (and still am), I 
decided to take him up on his invitation. We arrived in the living room 
of a man named Charles B. Greer Jr. who was one of Montrose’s 
“characters”. He had built a cage for Hugo abutting his living room, in 
which the animal was sitting quietly near the rear. With a mischievous 
smile on his face, Greer invited me to go up to the bars and take a look 
in at Hugo. As soon as he saw me, he stood upright and charged directly 
toward me like a football defensive lineman coming after a quarterback. 
When he rammed into the reinforced bars of his cage, it sounded like a 
bomb going off. This made Greer laugh out loud. It was obviously why he 
enjoyed keeping a caged gorilla next to his living room—it was a good 
practical joke to play on visitors. Hugo’s needs hardly entered the picture.

full: https://louisproyect.org/2016/06/01/gorillas-in-captivity/

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