[Marxism] AP: Gulf economic slowdown sees foreign workers trapped by debts

Shalva Eliava shalva.eliava at outlook.com
Wed Jun 1 17:48:56 MDT 2016

"Gulf countries like Qatar largely don't have bankruptcy laws, leaving 
laid-off workers on the hook for huge outstanding sums while often 
banned from traveling outside of the country. That leaves many 
unemployed begging friends and family for help while frantically selling
 off all their belongings. Others have killed themselves out of 

Suicides also affect those coming to Gulf countries for work as 
laborers, taxi drivers and other low-paying jobs. They often pay 
recruiters back home in Asia or Africa huge sums that take several years
 to pay off.

India, one of the main countries supplying low-paid workers to the 
Gulf, saw at least 541 of its citizens kill themselves in the United 
Arab Emirates in the last three years, according to government 
statistics offered to parliament in December. At least 337 Indians died 
in suspected suicides in Saudi Arabia during the same period, while 
other Gulf countries saw annual suicide numbers in the double digits.

In Qatar, 21 Indians alone killed themselves in 2015. The deaths continue into this year."



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