[Marxism] Imperialism study group

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 23:15:53 MDT 2016

Firstly apologies to people who emailed us, expressing interest in this as
it hasn't started yet.  We have been a bit preoccupued at Redline blog with
other stuff.

However, we should finally be getting underway at the end of this month,
after the one-day London conference on Imperialism Today:

Info on the study group is here:

As well as Lenin's *Imperialism*, we're using new books by Tony Norfield
and John Smith.

Our interview with Tony is here:

Our interview with John is here:

Sadly, we were unable to interview V.I.

Another useful read is Michael Roberts' review of John's book, which we
took from Mike's excellent blog and stuck up on Redline as part of our
promotion of John's work:

There's also a wee snippet by Tony on the changing nature of the global
working class and its implications for the left in the imperialist

If you want to join in the study group you can contact the Redline blog
folks by email: redlinemarxists at gmail.com
or you can email me and I'll pass it round the collective.


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