[Marxism] An emboldened CounterPunch co-editor

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Jun 2 05:25:45 MDT 2016

There’s been much rambling on the left about Vlad Putin’s challenge to 
US empire in Syria, and how he fended off the Yanks and preserved 
Syria’s Assad dictatorship. All of this, of course, is horse shit. Obama 
had ample opportunity to topple Assad in the early days of the Syrian 
uprising in 2011 had he wished to, but he refused to send troops in or 
raid Damascus. Instead he adopted a more hands-off approach, opting to 
have the CIA train some 10,000-40,000 rebels with the help of Saudi 
funds, which surely had little impact on the ground as the insurgency 
itself was at least ten times that large. In fact, aside from training 
small contingents of rebel forces, the CIA blocked MANPAD shipments to 
rebels that could have been used against Assad’s, and later Russia’s, 
murderous air bombardments. And for those that believe the US was solely 
responsible for orchestrating the uprising against Assad–I’ll just say 
you are dead wrong and should pick up a copy of Burning Country: Syrians 
in Revolution and War for a solid primer about what was really taking 
place on the ground.


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