[Marxism] The radical Left after the Brussels attacks

Ken Hiebert knhiebert at shaw.ca
Sun Jun 5 10:39:45 MDT 2016

On “Jihadist” terror: The radical Left after the Brussels attacks - The silence of the sectarian English-language blogosphere and equivocation of the radical Left in France - What’s the right approach?

Generally speaking, extreme-Right forces are on the offensive in Europe and wear different identity masks. These are old and new “homegrown” extreme-Right forces, some more clearly fascist than others, and they are in a position to challenge for power — and already influence government — in a range of European countries. This is a huge threat!

But this threat shouldn’t make us turn a blind eye to the consequences of the growth of Islamist far-Right forces. They have taken root in working-class areas where a far-Right party such as the Front National (in the case of France) gets no traction. As such, these forces complement each other and represent formidable obstacles to any truly left-wing project of solidarity and emancipation.

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