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Sun Jun 5 16:27:07 MDT 2016

We're not talking about de-registering anything but simply picking up a
Democratic ballot in the primary, which technically registers you with that
party.  I see no reason to think that the engaged and active membership
would not be disproportionately in the 70%.  And I don't think there's any
ground for concern that they're going to be voting Clinton in November.


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> Likely a sizeable percent of that 30% have deregistered Green to vote
> Sanders in the Democrat primary this coming Tuesday.  My guess is that
> there is a higher percent of Green Party activists in that 30% than in the
> remaining 70%. SR
> On 6/5/2016 12:28 PM, Louis Proyect via M
>> (I am not sure how committed these people were to the GPUS to start with.
>> Being registered and being a member is two different things.)
>> "The Sanders campaign is absolutely destroying us."
>> Those are the words of California Green Party spokesman Mike Feinstein,
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