[Marxism] Cedric Robinson has died

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jun 6 06:14:36 MDT 2016

Richard Drayton on FB:

Cedric Robinson (age 75?) has just died. I first met him in his essay 
"Capitalism, Slavery and Bourgeois Historiography" HWJ, 1987, 23:122-140 
[I know the citation by heart, having sung it so many times to 
students]. That essay is a brilliant and devastating attack on the many 
misreaders of Eric Williams, showing the ideology underpinning David 
Brion Davis et al's hostility to *Capitalism and Slavery*. I then 
discovered Robinson's earlier major work **Black Marxism** (1983) - 
which showed me how intellectual history could - or at least should!- 
not be separated from organising a theoretical gaze on the contemporary 
world. There and elsewhere he sharpened our attention on race as the 
critical partner of class past and present. I never met him but admired 
him profoundly.

"Black Marxism": 

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