[Marxism] The Sanders Campaign Is Absolutely Destroying Us!"

Terry Burke terrence.finnerty at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 12:41:11 MDT 2016

I registered Democrat for the first time in 24 years last July, to vote for
Sanders tomorrow, June 7. I was a Green... still am I guess, 'cause I'm
taking a voter registration form with me to the polls tomorrow and will
fill it out and re-register Green at the polling place, after casting that
vote. I've signed the "Bernie or Bust" petition on change.org (the updated
one that states that my vote will go to Dr. Stein if the
Demo-Corporat-crats do what it's obvious they will do, as always)... I sent
that to a list of my friends and so far the score is 2 fellow signatories
to the petition and 2 old friends who will vote Clinton. One says that he
will "hate me forever if Trump wins..." ... of course he will, he's an
upper-middle-class small businessman in Sonoma County... like I read in the
collected works of Mao, people support any revolution up to the point where
it threatens their own privilege and status...  and he can't see what I see
(with an income maybe 1/5th of his): Clinton IS Trump without the goofy
hair and bellicose rhetoric... same ol' same ol'... shades of '68...
peace and love,

[image: for President in 2016]

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