[Marxism] The Sanders Campaign Is Absolutely Destroying Us!"

A.R. G amithrgupta at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 12:52:48 MDT 2016

I'd also point out that many people who vote Green aren't registered. I
voted Green last election and I was registered in other party.

- Amith

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> I registered Democrat for the first time in 24 years last July, to vote for
> Sanders tomorrow, June 7. I was a Green... still am I guess, 'cause I'm
> taking a voter registration form with me to the polls tomorrow and will
> fill it out and re-register Green at the polling place, after casting that
> vote. I've signed the "Bernie or Bust" petition on change.org (the updated
> one that states that my vote will go to Dr. Stein if the
> Demo-Corporat-crats do what it's obvious they will do, as always)... I sent
> that to a list of my friends and so far the score is 2 fellow signatories
> to the petition and 2 old friends who will vote Clinton. One says that he
> will "hate me forever if Trump wins..." ... of course he will, he's an
> upper-middle-class small businessman in Sonoma County... like I read in the
> collected works of Mao, people support any revolution up to the point where
> it threatens their own privilege and status...  and he can't see what I see
> (with an income maybe 1/5th of his): Clinton IS Trump without the goofy
> hair and bellicose rhetoric... same ol' same ol'... shades of '68...
> peace and love,
> t
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