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Joseph Green jgreen at communistvoice.org
Mon Jun 6 23:04:36 MDT 2016

Dr. Woooo wrote: 
> http://climateandcapitalism.com/2016/06/06/in-defense-of-ecological-marxism-john-bellamy-foster-responds-to-a-critic/

Back in 2007,  I reviewed one of Foster's earlier books, "Marxism and 
Ecology: Materialism and Nature" (2000). The review can be found at 
http://www.communistvoice.org/40cMarx.html. It shows the relevance of Marxism 
to fighting the current environmental crisis, but it also shows the flaws in 
Foster's work. (Not that Jason Moore is any better.) Foster is fond of fancy 
philosophical phrases like "metabolic rift", but obscures crucial issues 
brought to the fore by the environmental crisis . The subjects covered in the 

* The writings of Marx and Engels
* Alongside and after Marx and Engels
* Lenin and the early Soviet Union
* Stalinist and state capitalist ecocide
* Marxism and global warming
* --Not market methods, but direct regulation of production
* --Class basis of environmental destruction
* --The nature of state regulation
* --Bringing the masses into the environmental struggle
* Foster's Marxism without teeth 

>From the last paragraph of the review:

"... Foster's book is harmed by the lack of the very materialism he preaches 
about: it is an idealist, and even elitist, history of materialism, a 
doctrine which can only really thrive when it becomes a force among the 
masses.Nevertheless, his book does show that Marx and Engels were concerned 
with environmental issues. ... [and]  he does end up giving a certain 
panorama of the views and polemics of a number of people of historical 
interest.  ...  But what he doesn't do, despite the title of his book, is 
give a picture of what Marxism really means for ecology. Foster would drown 
Marxism, a revolutionary doctrine with many sharp edges, in a sea of bland, 
philosophical generalities. So to actually see what Marxism says to do about 
the environment today, one has to go elsewhere. "

-- Joseph Green

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