[Marxism] JWSR: Vol 22, No 1 (2016): Special Issue: Ireland in the World-System

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Tue Jun 7 21:59:30 MDT 2016

For anyone who might be interested, I just noticed that the latest edition of the Journal of World-system Research has been published: 


Here's the Table of Contents:

Symposium: Race in the Capitalist World-System 

							Introduction: Globalization and Race in World Capitalism
												William I. Robinson									

							What is Racism?
												Ramon Grosfoguel									

							Challenging the Global Apartheid Model: A World-Systems Analysis
												Wilma A. Dunaway,									Donald A. Clelland									

							Genocide, Race, Capitalism: Synopsis of Formation within the Modern World-system
												James V. Fenelon									

							Cruise Ships: Continuity and Change in the World System
												Francisca Oyogoa									

							Racialized and Gendered Mass Deportation and the Crisis of Capitalism
												Tanya Golash-Boza									

							Race in the Capitalist World-System: Response to Symposium Essays
												Bill Fletcher, Jr.									
Special Issue: Ireland in the World-System

							Introduction: Ireland in the World-System
												Aidan Beatty,									Maurice Coakley,									Sharae Deckard									

							An Irish Revolution Without A Revolution
												Aidan Beatty									

							Contesting a World-Constitution? Anti-Systemic Movements and Constitutional Forms in Ireland, 1848-2008
												Thomas Murray									

							Northern Ireland: From Imperial Asset to International Encumbrance
												Tommy McKearney									

							Loose Ends: Considerations on the Aftermaths of the Celtic Tiger and the Northern 'Troubles'
												Kurt Jacobsen									

							World-Ecology and Ireland: The Neoliberal Ecological Regime
												Sharae Deckard									

							Ireland, Europe and the Global Crisis
												Maurice Coakley									

							Ireland in the World-System: An Interview with Denis O'Hearn
												Aidan Beatty,									Sharae Deckard,									Maurice Coakley,									Denis O'Hearn									
Research Articles



							Transitions in the Colonial Hudson Valley: Capitalist, Bulk Goods, and Braudelian
												Jonathan Leitner									

 Commodity Chains and the Production of Surplus-value on a Global Scale:
 Bringing Back the New International Division of Labour Theory
												Nicolas Grinberg									


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