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So nice to see a Marxist who is not the captive of cant and bullshit. As
someone said, "The motor force of progess is truth and not lies."

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> Although Maduro suspects that Washington is plotting a coup, the Obama
> administration seems more worried of late about Venezuela becoming a failed
> state than Maduro maintaining his hold on power. The Obama administration
> has been quietly supporting Spanish efforts to mediate between Maduro and
> the opposition-controlled parliament, and has even been trying to rope in
> the Vatican, a key mover behind the Cuba détente.
> No doubt Washington would prefer a more pliant partner in Caracas. But
> with Venezuela one of the top five suppliers of oil to the United States,
> Washington doesn’t want the country to disappear into the black hole of
> chaos.
> In other words, the standoff in Venezuela today is not Chile 1973 all over
> again. It’s not the United States that has destabilized the Maduro
> government. And Maduro is not a noble, idealistic leader, like Salvador
> Allende, who is trying to take his country in a bold new direction. If you
> want to see what the United States would look like after a dozen years of
> Trumpismo, behold Venezuela.
> full: http://fpif.org/failed-state-latin-america/
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