[Marxism] Civil war

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Jun 11 10:50:35 MDT 2016

Working my way through Mark Lause's fascinating "Free Labor", I am 
surprised by two things. First is the massive strike wave that took 
place throughout the Civil War and the flowering of trade unions in both 
the south and north. All this without the New Deal Wagner Act that 
legitimized trade unions, nor a dues check-off system. When workers are 
ready to fight, they don't need a license.

Second is the liberation of New Orleans in 1862. I had no idea that the 
Union achieved such a victory so early. Plus, the history of New Orleans 
with its mixed racial and class dynamics would be subject for a book by 
itself. I might put that on my reading list with the other 12 books I 
have lined up.

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