[Marxism] NYT publishes anti-Cuomo article by Zionist who attacked me

A.R. G amithrgupta at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 12:50:01 MDT 2016


The author, Daniel Sieradski, is this guy, who describes himself as a
Zionist and has a long history of organizing against BDS, undermining
support for the Gaza flotillas, undermining mass demonstrations in defense
of Palestinians in Gaza, etc:


The article Sieradski writes is somewhat telling about NYT, but definitely
telling about liberal Zionism. In the same breath that Sieradski defends
the 1st Amendment rights of BDS activists, he condemns boycotts of "Israel
as a whole". He frames "both sides" of the debate as being Eugene
Kontorovich, a Zionist right-wing professor, and JVP -- a Jewish liberal
group that has endorsed BDS for all of about 1.5 years. Palestinians -- and
for that matter, virtually anyone outside of the liberal Jewish community
-- are non-existent except as objects to be talked about in Sieradski's
article. Indeed, he finishes with an anecdote about his time living in the
Israeli settler colony and his many relatives that live there as well.

This is the embodiment of the privileging of Jewish voices. The discussion
is about Jews having the right to take different stances on whether or not
Palestinians should have rights (or what those rights should be). Indeed,
any criticism of such rhetoric is met with defensiveness and hostility by
people like Sieradski (see the tweet above). To the extent that Sieradski
supports boycotts he supports them in so far as they will strengthen Israel
-- the way that they are criticized by Omar Barghouti here:

Astonishingly, other people in the movement, such as Rahim Kurwa, who was
in the National Students for Justice in Palestine (an ad hoc organization
that put itself in charge of national student conference organizing and has
a penchant for red-baiting and hemorrhaging its own cyclical membership due
to its internal corruption) threatened to leak private organizing
deliberations involving me to him after he attacked me for criticism of JVP:


This is the state of some chunks of the movement.

- Amith


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