[Marxism] A geezer called Sokolnikov

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Jun 14 08:28:50 MDT 2016

John, this is not exactly my area of expertise but I am forwarding this 
to Marxmail to see if it gets a response.

On 6/6/16 6:39 PM, John Plant wrote:
> Hi Louis
> This is impertinent, so blast me off if you feel so and I won't be
> offended. Its because I think you know your way about US academe.
> I am interested in a geezer called Sokolnikov. Old Bolshevik, Left Opp
> and Later Right Opp, then 1929-33 Sov ambassador to London, just at the
> time opposition was emerging in the CP here. Broue has written about how
> Stalin sent some of his opponents overseas on diplomatic jobs (eg
> Kollontai) where they secretly contacted oppositionists and shared
> information. The British secret service kept files on S and his wife,
> but w3hat has been made public is exceptionally well gutted. The only CP
> contact logged is William Ewer (very interesting bloke who ran the CP
> counter-spy operation and helped trigger a police strike but later went
> very conservative). That can't be all there was.
> A bloke called Samuel A. Oppenheim wrote about him in the 70s
> see http://members.optushome.com.au/spainter/Sokolnikov.html#Oppen84 .
> The book in progress he mentioned then does not seem to have ever
> appeared, and was obviously written before the Sov archives were opened
> anyway - still I'd like to find out if I can read what he did produce s
> nobody seems to have researched Sokolnikov since. There's apparently
> more than one US academic recently active by that name and I'd like to
> find out who is the right one to contact, or even if he is still alive.
> Are you able conveniently to access any data sources that might narrow
> down his current or recent tenure? If so, I would buy you several beers
> next time you are in London.
> Very best wishes as ever
> JP
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