[Marxism] Roger Plumb, 1937 - 2016

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Tue Jun 14 19:44:19 MDT 2016

Roger Plumb, once a member of the Spartacist League, though not for many years, and earlier, I believe, a member of the Young Socialist League, passed away early on the morning of June 8th. A member of the National Maritime Union, Roger sailed in earlier years, devoting himself ashore to politics, then to the art of craft printing, working at Berkeley Free Press back in the ancient days, and using the hand press at St. Hieronymus Press where he printed classical poetry in the original Italian, distributing the finished product to his friends.  As a socialist he was no stranger to poverty, living on the margins of the economy - and old age is no friend to those not well-fixed with cash. He spent his declining years reading on linguistics and physics and studying languages, living on Social Security. At the beginning of the year he was able to get into Strawberry Creek Lodge, elder housing in Berkeley. He fell during a power blackout a few months ago, was hospitalized and never recovered his strength.

He was a man of good humor and dry wit, and without a sectarian cell in his body. Comrade, friend and companion.


A memorial for Roger will be held at St. Hieronymus Press, 1703 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Berkeley, California, on Roger's birthday, July 27th at 3:PM.

Wayne Collins

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