[Marxism] The NYC labor movement in 1863

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 19:55:04 MDT 2016

Louis, I was part of that large fraction at the Navy Yard. I think we had
about 17 members at its height and had many adventures, from 15 of us being
fired because the US Navy objected to our presence there (even set up a
machine gun on the entry way to ship to "protect" it) to totally abstaining
from our early winter strike. We recruited navy sailors into the YSA and
generally acted, as workers there told me after I quit, as very nice and
smart Jehovah's Witnesses. Workers politeness was take as a sign of being a
potential contact. A huh...

It was never a question of workers moving as in the example during the
Civil War (the Navy Yard predates the Revolution, and it was where they
built the first iron clad ship, the Monitor) but rather just living *as*
working going through the experience, sinking roots, and above all else,
earning respect. None of these three things we did and that is why the SWP
did so poorly. It was based on this bad experience there that I quit the


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