[Marxism] Vicious state-media attack on firefighters in Victoria (Australia)

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 22:18:21 MDT 2016

by *Susanne Kemp*

Given that firefighters risk their lives for not exactly a lot of pay,
you’d think that any half-decent government anywhere might be vitally
concerned to ensure they have the best conditions possible as workers and
their pay reflects both their skills and the danger of their jobs.
Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.

Across the ditch in Victoria, for instance, instead of facilitating the
firefighters in doing their job, the state government launched a massive
assault on pay, conditions and the firefighters’ union itself.  This
assault was fronted by ‘socialist-feminist’ Emergency Services minister
Jane Garrett.  Garrett used feminist rhetoric – she’s also a member of the
phony ‘Socialist Left’ faction in the Victorian ALP )Labor Party) – to
attack the firefighters union.  When she got booed by them, for instance,
she accused them of “bullying”.  More seriously she was utterly backing the
CFA and doing her damnedest to bring the union down.  On June 9, however,
the firefighters scored a small victory as she was forced to resign.

On the pay front, the firefighters haven’t had an increase since. . .


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