[Marxism] US underestimates civilian death toll of its bombings in Iraq and Syria by 95 percent

Michael Karadjis mkaradjis at gmail.com
Sat Jun 18 11:18:40 MDT 2016

US underestimates civilian death toll in Iraq and Syria by 95 per cent
Publication Date: 2016-06-18 06:58

A new report says a U.S.-led coalition is bombing civilians to death and 
covering it up.

The United States-led coalition that is bombing Iraq and Syria may be 
underreporting the civilian toll of that war by as much as 95 precent, 
according to a new report released Friday by the monitoring group 

The U.S.-led coalition, which includes nations such as Britain, France 
and the Netherlands, has been bombing ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria 
since 2014, carrying out more than 13,121 airstrikes, or just over 19 a 
day. The vast majority of the strikes are carried out by the U.S., 
according to Airwars—68 percent in Iraq and 82.5 percent in Syria—with 
an estimated civilian death toll of at least 1,312 people.

Over the past six months it’s gotten worse, according to Airwars. 
“Between December and May, in both Iraq and Syria, there was a marked 
increase in the number of alleged casualty incidents and civilian death 
attributed to coalition actions,” it says. In Iraq, the group reports 
that between 297 and 518 civilians were killed by coalition airstrikes 
in this time. In Syria, between 197 and 274 civilians were killed, “a 38 
percent increase in likely civilian deaths above the previous six 

The U.S. has admitted to killing just 20 civilians. Its allies have 
admitted to none. “If correct, Airwars data suggests the coalition may 
be underreporting civilian deaths by more than 95 percent,” the report 

The worst incident for civilians occurred on March 19 in the 
ISIS-occupied city of Mosul, when at least 25 innocents were killed when 
coalition airstrikes hit Mosul University in the middle of the day. As 
teleSUR reported at the time, such a strike on a civilian 
institution—confirmed by the U.S. Department of Defense—may constitute a 
breach of international law.

The U.S. and its coalition allies are not the only foreign governments 
reportedly killing civilians in the region. Of 630 alleged incidents 
where civilians died in Syria as a result of international airpower, 91 
percent have been attributed to Russia, according to Airwars, killing 
between 2,792 and 3,451 civilians between December 2015 and May 2016, 
largely as the result of airstrikes targeting non-ISIS forces and 
civilian areas, “particularly in and around Aleppo.”

The Russian government says its airstrikes have not killed any civilians 
since they began in Sept. 2015, TeleSUR reported

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