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Sun Jun 19 01:48:08 MDT 2016

I don't know about all this...

I think 'metabolic rift' is EXTREMELY useful as a means to continue
the dialectical materialism of of Stephen Jay Gould and the
Dialectical Biologists.
Indeed I think it grounds all the business about historical
materialism which so often is ruled by supposition and second
guessing...and so often arrogantly schematic by Marxian wannabees.
Ecological  and other sciences in the Soviet Union did outlast --for a
time -- the Stalinist purges/censoring --as exemplified by the
perspective of the historical psychology of Lev Vygotsky and Alexander
Luria and the Soviet's advances in physics...and ecology.

Indeed, getting back to Foster, the whole metabolic rift argument
merges with the current dynamic of not only the green movement but
climate science. While Lovelock's Gaia hypothesis is rooted in a lot
of idealism, if the Marxist movement had been  more attuned to ecology
back when it was first proposed, we could have negotiated a sharper
ecosocialist shift than what we have been treated  from within the
green movement.

Indeed Barry Commoner is way outside the Marxist lazy bones on this
issue... 'We' missed the boat.

To now denigate Foster seems petty as he makes very clear that the
tradition he embraces is rooted in biology and paleontology and
ecology...and not Marxmail.

'Metabolic Rift' is a great way to comprehend the fossil fueling and
organic thieving of capitalism -- especially when so many seek to
divert attention to ethicism. I don't think it is an argument
promoting 'balance' -- a boutique greenoid buzz term -- so much as a
process ruled by the give and take of exploitation and the necessity
of organic return.

It is the same dynamic that drives Engel's 'Dialectics of Nature' .

Whatever may be Foster's other positions being here ruled on  --
personal depreciation  is hardly an argument re the main game.

dave riley

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