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Foster is not being "denigrated" for his principal contribution to
ecosocialism - upholding and elaborating of Marx's notion of "metabolic
rift".  Rather, what is objectionable is Foster's sectarian
misrepresentation of other valuable contributions by Jason W. Moore. See
the Angus/Foster interview and my Comment at

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> I don't know about all this...
> I think 'metabolic rift' is EXTREMELY useful as a means to continue
> the dialectical materialism of of Stephen Jay Gould and the
> Dialectical Biologists.
> Indeed I think it grounds all the business about historical
> materialism which so often is ruled by supposition and second
> guessing...and so often arrogantly schematic by Marxian wannabees.
> Ecological  and other sciences in the Soviet Union did outlast --for a
> time -- the Stalinist purges/censoring --as exemplified by the
> perspective of the historical psychology of Lev Vygotsky and Alexander
> Luria and the Soviet's advances in physics...and ecology.
> Indeed, getting back to Foster, the whole metabolic rift argument
> merges with the current dynamic of not only the green movement but
> climate science. While Lovelock's Gaia hypothesis is rooted in a lot
> of idealism, if the Marxist movement had been  more attuned to ecology
> back when it was first proposed, we could have negotiated a sharper
> ecosocialist shift than what we have been treated  from within the
> green movement.
> Indeed Barry Commoner is way outside the Marxist lazy bones on this
> issue... 'We' missed the boat.
> To now denigate Foster seems petty as he makes very clear that the
> tradition he embraces is rooted in biology and paleontology and
> ecology...and not Marxmail.
> 'Metabolic Rift' is a great way to comprehend the fossil fueling and
> organic thieving of capitalism -- especially when so many seek to
> divert attention to ethicism. I don't think it is an argument
> promoting 'balance' -- a boutique greenoid buzz term -- so much as a
> process ruled by the give and take of exploitation and the necessity
> of organic return.
> It is the same dynamic that drives Engel's 'Dialectics of Nature' .
> Whatever may be Foster's other positions being here ruled on  --
> personal depreciation  is hardly an argument re the main game.
> dave riley
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