[Marxism] Fwd: FW: Orlando Gay Bar Murders

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jun 20 12:06:21 MDT 2016

Forwarded from John O'Brien:	

A week ago, the Orlando police that waited three hours while LGBT people 
bled to death on that bar floor - were praised as "heroes".  If someone 
was in a wealthy mansion or state capital shooting rich people, would 
the police wait three hours?  And all should ask for the autopsy results 
of the dead victims in this bar, to reveal if any were the victims of 
the police firing when the police finally got the courage/orders to stop 
the murderer.    The Orlando murders continue to show how LGBT lives 
have little value - and working class LGBT People of Color lives especially.

The Orlando police had the technology to detect there was no chemical 
bomb substances and to even detect body heat and to see through walls. 
The corporate media has been relaying the police propaganda version of 
this infamous massacre - trying to even use this murderers violence 
against LGBT people - to counter the real truth and revelations of the 
widespread brutality and murders police carry out in this nation, on 
poor people as their victims - particularly poor People of Color.

Only since Trayvon Martin's murder in Florida, has there been any media 
focus on the police, yet the police and prison guards have for decades 
carried out abuse and harm.  The Orlando bar murderer had wanted to be a 
policeman - and often wore NYPD t-shirts when not at his job that 
included as a private security guard - ironic he was hired to protect 
against terrorists!
(The police and U. S. government terrorize poor people daily. All on 
this list should remember how the police terrorized and mistreated our 
people for most of U. S. history)

And finally, the corporate media mis-information on the Orlando murders 
tries to re-write the history of government and racist mob attacks on 
People of Color.  The Orlando bar massacre while tragic and I wept over 
and continue to do so, was not the worst shooting murders in U. S. 
history – as the uninformed or lying corporate media keeps stating. 
That infamy belongs to the 250 Native Americans murdered in Wounded Knee 
by the U.S. Army, on December 29, 1890.

Also the white racist mobs killed more People of Color in St. Louis 
Missouri on July 2, 1917 and in Tulsa Oklahoma on May 31, 1921 - than 
died in that Orlando bar last week.

The very same homophobic Florida governor, both U. S. Senators (one of 
each party) and local government officials have condoned the 
discrimination and the hatred spewed against LGBT people by religious 
fanatics - and share in the harm and pain around the Orlando Massacre 
and elsewhere.  And this includes the politicians who approve the U. S. 
government selling weapons and trading with nations that carry out 
officially murdering and harming LGBT people.  The Clinton Foundation is 
but one prominent example.



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