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Excellent take-down of this vile campaign. Louis might have mentioned 
some of the close ideological allies of Sterling, Beely and Bartlett. 
Here's British neo-Nazi Nick Griffin: “Dear God! #JoCox Memorial fund 
raising for the Al Qaida/George Soros #WhiteHelmets in Syria. Apologists 
and facilitators pf murder & terror”  (from 
Is there *any* difference between the language of the ultra-right and 
Assadist “left” on this at all?

One other point. Louis points to these scumbags presenting "evidence" of 
the White Helmets collaboration with Jabhat al-Nusra: "Evidence of this 
was a Youtube video showing White Helmet workers taking away the dead 
body of a man executed by al-Nusra combatants. ... Beeley states, “These 
impartial humanitarian workers did NOTHING to prevent this execution."

As Louis points out, being unarmed next to well-armed jihadists may have 
had something to do with it, and after all, their role is precisely to 
rescue people from the rubble and dispose of bodies, not take part in 
the fighting with their bare hands. But more to the point, they are 
obviously incapable of seeing their own contradictions. Because the 
overwhelming majority of their body-disposing work consists of disposing 
the bodies of people slaughtered by the regime, not the 1/100th of them 
killed by Nusra. Yet it is this work that gets them labelled by the 
left-fascists as part of the conspiracy against the Assad regime. But 
the White Helmets also "do NOTHING to prevent the massacre" of these 
thousands of people by Assadi gangs, gangs of the global Shiite-jihadist 
forces, and Assadist and Russian warplanes. So does this indicate that 
they collaborate with Assad? Idiots.

Finally, there is the WH volunteer "standing on top of an “Al Nusra 
 tank” with a gun in hand." Louis notes "It is not exactly clear what 
makes the tank part of Al Nusra." Yes, of course. But that is of course 
what these left-fascists have in common with Nick Griffin quoted above 
(and of course the entire ultra-right/neo-Nazi movement in Europe and 
US), who also accused JoCox and WH of being in cahoots with "al-Qaida", 
same as what they have in common with every reactionary Islamophobe 
defending the US, Russian, Assad, Sisi, Netanyahu "war on terror": all 
your opponents are by definition "al-Qaida", or "Islamic terrorists" of 
some similar description. It's worked for Murdoch for decades, why not 
his leftist co-thinkers?

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