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Wed Jun 22 20:28:22 MDT 2016

Peter Weiss wasn't keen on the 'theatre of cruelty' take on Marat/Sade
in Peter Brook's film -- nor on the translation, especially of the
song lyrics as translated and adpated by poet Geoffrey Skelton.

I think the Artaudian indulgence distracts from the play's theme...but
the musical score,by Richard Peaslee, is great.

However, his other works are very interesting and increasingly aligned
especially his magnum opus, 'The Aesthetics of Resistance'.

More accessible however, is his Vietnam travel opiece, 'Notes on the
Cultural Life of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.'

For those into CPSU history, his 'Trotsky in Exile' was a significant
contribution...that upset the Soviets.

But his creative mix is various as not only was Weiss a long time
friend of Hermann Hess, greatly influenced by surrealist imagery (in
his writing , film and paintings) but he was also  dramaturg under
Irwin Pisactor with a keen heads up for 'documentary theatre'.

His adaption of the  Frankfurt Auschwitz Trials  with 'The
Investigation. Oratorio In 11 Cantos' is  emotionally
challenging.Since it is taken from court transcripts, I think his
handling of the material is amazing.

In the mix is the influence of Bertolt Brecht and, like Harold Pinter,
 Samuel Beckett...and his strong parallels to the work of  the
documentary theatre of Rolf Hochhuth ('The Representative')  and
Heinar Kipphardt ( "In the Matter of J. Robert Oppenheimer").

dave riley

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