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It's also been on You Tube for the last few years.

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> Peter Weiss wasn't keen on the 'theatre of cruelty' take on Marat/Sade
> in Peter Brook's film -- nor on the translation, especially of the
> song lyrics as translated and adpated by poet Geoffrey Skelton.
> I think the Artaudian indulgence distracts from the play's theme...but
> the musical score,by Richard Peaslee, is great.
> However, his other works are very interesting and increasingly aligned
> especially his magnum opus, 'The Aesthetics of Resistance'.
> More accessible however, is his Vietnam travel opiece, 'Notes on the
> Cultural Life of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.'
> For those into CPSU history, his 'Trotsky in Exile' was a significant
> contribution...that upset the Soviets.
> But his creative mix is various as not only was Weiss a long time
> friend of Hermann Hess, greatly influenced by surrealist imagery (in
> his writing , film and paintings) but he was also  dramaturg under
> Irwin Pisactor with a keen heads up for 'documentary theatre'.
> His adaption of the  Frankfurt Auschwitz Trials  with 'The
> Investigation. Oratorio In 11 Cantos' is  emotionally
> challenging.Since it is taken from court transcripts, I think his
> handling of the material is amazing.
> In the mix is the influence of Bertolt Brecht and, like Harold Pinter,
>  Samuel Beckett...and his strong parallels to the work of  the
> documentary theatre of Rolf Hochhuth ('The Representative')  and
> Heinar Kipphardt ( "In the Matter of J. Robert Oppenheimer").
> dave riley
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