[Marxism] Fwd: A Conversation with Samar Yazbek

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Jun 23 05:27:33 MDT 2016

Q: I’ll put the question differently – because the answer is important 
to many categories of Syrians, who may be more numerous than they are 
believed to be: why has the shuddering earthquake altered the principles 
of so many Syrians, but not of the group you are talking about?

A: I think that the crimes and violence that people have been subjected 
to would have easily been enough to turn them all into monsters, but 
this has not happened across the board. That was proved by what happened 
recently during the short truce, when groups of Syrian people went back 
to protesting and abandoned the black flag, raising the revolutionary 
flag instead. I see the movement of history within its temporal context, 
within the movement of historical groups, and within the circumstances 
of the production of violence itself. Those people did not simply give 
in to reactions: new circumstances were created in their lives, and 
these were circumstances that triggered certain things in their lives. 
The violent conditions have not arisen spontaneously, whether it be 
arming the Islamist groups, or the introduction of immigrant fighters 
into Syria, or the impoverishment of the Free Syrian Army and the 
assassination of its senior leaders, or the distribution of Islamic 
brigades or Daesh across the map, or the various movements that I can no 
longer keep track of – as I think many of us no longer can – and their 
chaotic prevalence, and the rise of mercenaries. And also the climate 
was perfect for all of this to unfold, after half a century of despotic 
rule by the Assad family and the unprecedented barbaric violence to 
which the Syrian people have been subjected.




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