[Marxism] Ireland: workers and the way forward - a socialist-republican perspective

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 21:11:50 MDT 2016

It seems a long time now since trade union members in the south of Ireland
voted to reject Croke Park 11, a deal promoted by leaders of the Irish
Congress of Trade Unions in partnership with the Fine Gael/Labour coalition
government in Dublin.  The current coalition, like the Fianna Fail/Green
coalition that preceded it, has sought to make southern Irish workers pay
for the financial crisis of Irish banks and the meltdown of the so-called
‘Celtic Tiger’ economy.

For several decades the bulk of the union leadership has pushed tripartite
deals with the bosses and the state, a ‘partnership’ model which has been
held up by union leaderships as far afield as New Zealand as worth
emulating.  But these tripartite deals did not deliver to workers even
during the ‘good times’ of the ‘boom’ periods in the 1990s and early
2000s.  Now the boom has turned to bust the partnership model has simply
locked unions into accepting responsibility for the financial crisis and
agreeing to the austerity measures demanded by the Troika.

*Rhetoric v resistance*

The leadership of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions has engaged in some. .
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