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. . . and let's not forget the socialist Green Corn Rebellion in Oklahoma.
This was largely the work of black, Indian and white sharecroppers in the
Working Class Union (heirs of the movement of the much maligned "Populists"
as well as the Socialist Party and the IWW).  (The oath they took to resist
conscription in 1917 was borrowed from the Unionists of Arkansas who stood
together against Confederate conscription in 1862 and after.)


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> During World War I, thousands of rural southern men, black and white,
> refused to serve in the military. Some failed to register for the draft,
> while others deserted after being inducted. In the countryside, armed bands
> of deserters defied local authorities; capturing them required the dispatch
> of federal troops into three southern states.
> http://uncpress.unc.edu/browse/book_detail?title_id=1294
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