[Marxism] BREXIT

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 26 01:21:33 MDT 2016

It is difficult to comment on things from afar, but the urge to forget
about Australia's election next week is very powerful, especially as we are
drifting towards the re-election of the neoliberals who like to masquerade
as conservatives.

Because Australia dodged a bullet in the Great Recession by spending hugely
we have not got around to the politics of the festering resentment of the
despairing - but we will get there, have no fear.

So people can still sleep walk to their doom.

BREXIT was different somehow.  It was like a stampede over the cliff.
Something unique to our species - (lemmings don't do it y'know!).
Consciousness is needed for such an act of self harm, of going along with
the racist scum of UKIP and worse.

Now the sharks are circling Corbyn.  Hilary Benn, the idiot son of a great
man, has endeavoured to do an imitation of Brutus, but really he is just
the envious Casca.

Corbyn will survive because if the party gets to vote on a leader they will
give him an even bigger majority. The plotters know that, I think, so they
wage a guerrilla war of increasingly outright disloyalty and media sniping.
Their aim above all is to prevent a Left victory.  If necessary they will
split the Labour Party but they would rather not do that as they will end
up losing their seats.

So we will be subjected to endless plots and ambushes. All designed to
break Corbyn's nerve.

In the mean time, what of the people? In the twitter sphere we hear reports
of emboldened acts of racist bastardry.

We have the situation of a failure of hegemony from the elites. They wanted
to Remain in the EU. But they have been met with counter-identification or
primitive rebellion by the OUT vote.  That is the kind of rebellion which
takes all its references from what it is supposed to do and turns them into
negatives.  Like the school kids who are told no earrings and put in
earrings etc. Told to stay in, the people voted to leave.

But the kind of rebellion that we seek is the refusal of ruling hegemony as
the point of reference and the moving towards a politics of
dis-identification - the politics of revolution. Nothing appears less
likely at present, but nothing less will do, so we must keep on trying.



To be honest we seem far away from such a departure.

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