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Yes of course the opposite was true. Even sillier from this bit of the 
article is the reference to these Libyan weapons getting to ISIS (with 
or without the imaginary US connivance). Because people who know stuff 
know there was no such thing as ISIS in 2012, in Syria, or anywhere. It 
was invented the following year. But of course that's only factual 
information, which presumably doesn't matter to certain forms of 

But anyway. There are a number of stock phrases that have to be learnt 
by Assadists or plague-on-both-housists. One of them is this story about 
the Libyan weapons flow.

OK, so since the bugbear is supposedly opposition to all imperialist 
intervention in all forms always, let's do a little test. We know some 
of the parties involved in the arms pipeline from post-Gaddafi Libya to 
the Syrian rebels in 2012: former Libyan rebels now in control of regime 
stocks, Qatar, MB networks, and Turkey, from where the weapons were 
delivered to some rebel groups. And the US, via the CIA, whose role, 
according to myriad sources, consisted of strangling the quantity of 
weapons getting through to anyone, stringently vetting which groups 
could get any at all, and above all ensuring that no anti-tank or 
anti-aircraft missiles - ie what the rebels needed - got through to 
anyone at all.

So let's be anti-imperialists. Regardless of the motivations of those 
regional forces, regardless of our view on them politically, we oppose 
all intervention by US (and other) imperialism. So let's now remove the 
US/CIA from the equation. Imagine our demands that they get out of the 
Mideast were successful. The operation thus continued with the above 
participants, but without US imperialism. Good. I'm in favour of that.

a. What would this withdrawal have meant in terms of the volume and 
quality of the weaponry delivered to the rebels?

b. Given the answer to  a. is obvious, are you still in favour of this 
US withdrawal? I am, of course.

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From: Louis Proyect via Marxism

> They turned over
> Libyan weapons to [Islamic State], al-Qaida and [Nusra Front].

In fact the opposite is true.

Wall Street Journal, October 17, 2012:

In July, the U.S. effectively halted the delivery of at least 18 Manpads
sourced from Libya, even as the rebels pleaded for more effective
antiaircraft missiles to counter regime airstrikes in Aleppo, people
familiar with that delivery said.

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