[Marxism] Brexit and imperial privilege

MM marxmail00 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 19:19:26 MDT 2016

> On Jun 27, 2016, at 6:46 PM, marinercarpentry at gmail.com wrote:

Defensiveness and incomprehension at basically every point. There just isn’t much in your response that it even makes sense to try to respond to.

PS: I’m not remotely important, but if even I saw what was coming, and that the only defensible position for the left was to try to defeat the referendum, then a lot of other people should have been able to see it as well. Some did. Many of those who didn’t have engaged in some of the most ridiculous, defensive bullshit I’ve seen in quite a while. Credit to you for at least being willing to admit “buyer’s remorse” (although I don’t care for the metaphor).

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