[Marxism] Corbyn's fate

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 03:49:59 MDT 2016

Hi Anthony

good to hear from you. I am currently living on a diet of Richard Seymour's
tweets! (& what Lou forwards to the list). So it is hard for me to guess at
the mood.  The Guardian is infuriating in its stupid comment about the
Corbyn "experiment".  I feel like resorting to obscenities to describe

Richard in one of his tweets said there were cracks coming in the union
front, but he appears to think their support for Corbyn will stay solid. If
they do, then the goose of the Blairites is cooked.

I wonder if listers agree with me that the Blairites overplayed their hand,
such is their born to rule arrogance.

I am convinced (hoping?) that the election for the Labour leader will turn
out to be a "fête dans les rues." Certainly it is a chance for Momentum to
drive home their hegemony on the Left.  BTW I cannot see this campaign
being as friendly as the last one.

Having said all that a small part of me thinks that another effort will be
made to reach a deal and so prevent an election for leader.



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> Hi Gary,
> When I lived in the UK, I didnt go to every demo, but just about every
> demo I did go to, Corbyn was speaking at. What astonished me was that the
> Labour Party could still house someone like him. While the likes of Corbyn,
> Diane Abbott etc. are still in there, I can't completely hate the Labour
> Party.
> I think the Blairites (and the "softies" in between) are unable to
> psychologically process that Corbyn is not acting out of ego but out of
> principle - and so wont fold under 10 times the pressure that any of them
> could tolerate.
> Corbyn knows he is a left pole of attraction at the moment, no matter how
> long or short-lived it will be. I'm sure he didnt expect it, but there it
> is. He wont budge until the members vote him out. I expect that the members
> admiration will have grown. If Corbyn survives until the next election, we
> can only hope that Momentum and other Left currents grow and the blairites
> are deselected.
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