[Marxism] Corbyn's fate

jamie pitman marinercarpentry at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 04:18:14 MDT 2016

I disagree about the balance of forces. *As long as he’s on the ballot* the best thing Corbyn can do is have the leadership election and reinforce his mandate.

Second, Corbyn has managed to make the Labour party specifically, and electoral politics in general, seem worth bothering with to disenchanted people like me, and even the present generation of young anarchists. So his support on the wider far left is uniquely strong.

But his support nationally is awful, so ill say again he has worse approval ratings than Miliband's, which is unprecedented. If you've read something that contradicts that, you should provide a link (this is the make-or-break question if we have a snap general election (which isn't guaranteed))

Obviously the UK is living through the most turbulent political period in anybody's living memory, so even accurate opinion polls can be contradicted within days in times when history seems to have accelerated.

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