[Marxism] Corbyn's fate

jamie pitman marinercarpentry at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 05:20:01 MDT 2016

Hi Gary, 
I thought you mentioned 55% somewhere and wasn't sure what that reflected. Anyway, we're not in disagreement apart from I think its pretty obvious you're far more optimistic in outlook than I am generally. 

I would say Im unconvinced any deal can be made. All the PLP want is for Corbyn to go – hardly a basis for negotiation or compromise. Second, I think you underestimate how willing the PLP are to split the party. In the local elections, they genuinely seemed happy when Labour lost seats so that they could blame Corbyn.

Two other important points upcoming: the loss of support from the likes of owen smith and andy slaughter is a really bad bellwether for Corbyn – these are not in any way Blairites. But, if his team are savvy, they could use the upcoming Chilcott report to bash the Blairites with. 

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From: Gary MacLennan

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