[Marxism] Corbyn's fate

Anthony Hartin anthony.hartin at desy.de
Wed Jun 29 13:16:57 MDT 2016

Hi Gary,

Looks like our side are standing strong. The big four unions are all in 
support of Corbyn. The Blairites are struggling to find a candidate to 
run against Corbyn - Watson wont run & Eagle's own constituency has come 
out in support of Corbyn. There is more and more talk of the Blairites 
splitting. My take is that they (the Blairites) have been chafing at the 
bit & cant stand listening to progressive politics anymore. They tried 
it on with the "anti-semitisim" furphy a few weeks ago & now they've 
jumped the gun, waving their swords around and leaving only their own 
blood on the floor and walls.

I am hoping now for a repeat in the conservatives. I can't believe the 
old wounds wont open up over Brexit. By the time of the next election, 
which I dont think is that far away, it could be anyone's game. If the 
Blairites go, then the space opens up for Corbyn and co to really push 
progressive politics.



On 06/29/2016 11:49 AM, Gary MacLennan wrote:
> Hi Anthony
> good to hear from you. I am currently living on a diet of Richard 
> Seymour's tweets! (& what Lou forwards to the list). So it is hard for 
> me to guess at the mood.  The Guardian is infuriating in its stupid 
> comment about the Corbyn "experiment".  I feel like resorting to 
> obscenities to describe them.
> Richard in one of his tweets said there were cracks coming in the 
> union front, but he appears to think their support for Corbyn will 
> stay solid. If they do, then the goose of the Blairites is cooked.
> I wonder if listers agree with me that the Blairites overplayed their 
> hand, such is their born to rule arrogance.
> I am convinced (hoping?) that the election for the Labour leader will 
> turn out to be a "fête dans les rues." Certainly it is a chance for 
> Momentum to drive home their hegemony on the Left.  BTW I cannot see 
> this campaign being as friendly as the last one.
> Having said all that a small part of me thinks that another effort 
> will be made to reach a deal and so prevent an election for leader.
> comradely
> Gary

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